General Information


We encourage high standards of behaviour from all our children. All unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with firmly but fairly. Parents will be informed if unnaceptable behaviour is noticed.


All accidents will be recorded in our ‘accident book’, and parents will be notified of treatment given, and circumstances surrounding the injury. You will be asked to sign the appropriate forms acknowledging treatment. In the event of a serious accident or illness requiring immediate medical attention, the nursery will be responsible for administering treatment immediately. Parents will be notified promptly and where necessary the childs doctor consulted.


We are aware that at times children will need to be given medication (antibiotics, etc.) during nursery hours, you will be required to give permission by signing the appropriate forms.


If your child becomes ill during the day Little Footprints will notify you, and if necessary ask you to collect them as soon as possible.

If your child contracts any contagious disease please notify us immediately 48 hours clear of sickness and diarrhoea is required before returning to the nursery.

Dress code

All children should be suitably dressed for all areas of play. Sun hats and creams should be clearly labelled for use during hot weather.


We would discourage children from bringing in their own toys other than comforters, as loss, damage or leaving behind at nursery can course distress. The nursery cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to property.

Toilet training

Please advise us when you begin toilet training as we shall endeavour to keep to a routine to assist a smooth transition.


Younger babies are provided with cots to enable them to maintain their regular sleep patterns. Older children will also be able to nap after lunch, if required.


The nursery has been inspected by OFSTED, and all reports are available on request.


In the unlikely event you are not satisfied with the service that Little Footprints provides, a copy of the complaints procedure is available on request, and every endeavour will be made to rectify the situation.

Child protection

As a registered child care facility it is our duty to advise the necessary authorities should we suspect any child is in need of protection. All staff members are trained in child protection and our policy is available on request.

Special needs

We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all children. Children with special needs are welcome to our nursery, where we have staff who are SENCO trained, and will be pleased to liase with you.


Freshly prepared midday meals are provided by the schools kitchens. They are nutritious and varied. Any special dietary requirements will be catered for.

A weekly menu will be posted on the noticeboard.

Breakfast and tea will also be available on request.

Fee Structure for Little Footprints Day Nursery, for the year commencing September 2017:

Morning sessions 8.30am – 12.00pm £21.10
Afternoon sessions 1.30pm – 4.00pm £14.62
School Day (All meals included) 9.00am – 3.00pm £36.56
(nb Any additional hours to the above sessions are charged at £5.62 per hour, but when a total of eight hours per day are exceeded the full day rate of £49.40 comes into effect.)
Full Day (All meals included) 7.00am – 7.00pm £49.40
Full Week (All meals included) Monday – Friday £218.00
In order to maintain continuity in terms of care and development, all children are required to attend a minimum of two sessions, or one full day, per week.
Parents of those children not staying all day but would like them to receive a meal can book in advance at a cost of £2.75
Fees are payable four weeks in advance and can be made by cheque, cash or standing order. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Little Footprints Ltd’. Payment thereafter will be required within the week your invoice is received. Late payment will be subject to an additional charge of £20.00.

Little Footprints Day Nursery accepts Government Funding for eligible children.

Any absence through sickness or holidays will be payable in full.

We require four weeks notice of intent to remove any child from the nursery.